Muzzleloader Elk Hunts in Colorado - Guided Hunts

Muzzleloader Elk Hunts in Colorado - Guided Hunts

Muzzleloader Elk Hunts in Colorado

Early Season Muzzleloader Elk Hunts

Our Muzzleloader Elk Hunts take place during the month of September in North Central Colorado. They provide the opportunity to employ a variety of hunting methods, including spot and stalk, calling in screaming bulls, sitting on wallows, stalking on well-used game trails, and sitting over large willow-choked river bottoms. Our Muzzleloader Elk Hunts require the client to be in good overall physical condition and extremely mobile on foot.  

Colorado requires all muzzleloader hunters to hunt without the use of a scope, and you can not use sabots. This game is to get as close as possible, similar to our Archery Elk Hunts. We recommend that you be extremely accurate out to 100 yards with your muzzleloader, which means lots of practice before your hunt, both in shooting and quick loading, just in case a follow-up shot is needed. We will work to get our clients within 70 yards and like shots of 80 yards or under. We ask our clients to be accurate out to 100 yards to ensure proper shot placement at 20 - 80 yards. This provides you with the greatest chance at downing and recovering your elk.

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Colorado Muzzleloader Season Elk Hunts

Private Land Elk Hunts

Elk Hunting Ranches

You will have the opportunity to hunt many different types of terrain as our private ranches provide thousands of acres of heavy dark lodgepole pine timber, aspen groves, willow-choked creek bottoms, hay fields, and rolling sage hills. Elevations start at 8,800 feet above sea level and stretch up to around 10,000 feet. While we recommend that you prepare physically for your hunt, you will not be hiking any steep terrain above the timberline as most of our archery areas are rolling hills that surround the North Park Valley floor. Our ranches provide everything the elk need during this time of year: food, water, cover, and breeding grounds. We’ve had many mornings where we’ve watched bull after bull pile out of the timber into open creek bottoms to square off at each other and fight for dominance in the herd.

Colorado Elk Hunting Season

Mid-August - Early October is the breeding season for elk, otherwise known as “The Rut.” The most intense part of the rut is late August through late September, hence the reason we love muzzleloaders so much - the elk are more vulnerable during this time. They are 100% focused on mating and can be extremely vocal by bugling. This provides the client with a unique opportunity to get close to a screaming herd bull, which will make the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up and send a rush of adrenaline through your body, which you’ve never experienced before! If you have not been in the timber with a herd bull screaming at the top of his lungs, you’re in for a treat!

Muzzleloader Elk Hunt Packages

We host group sizes ranging from 4 - 6 hunters with a 2-to-1 client/guide ratio. We limit this hunt to 2- 4 clients over a 9-day period. This is a 5-day hunt that includes meals and lodging.

Muzzleloader Elk Hunt Pricing:

  • View our rates page to see our muzzleloader elk hunting packages.
  • Price does not include the cost of a tag, game processing, taxidermy, or guide gratuity (Min of 10%)
  • Deposit Required; 50% of hunt due upon booking, the hunt balance is due 90 Days prior to hunt start date)

Colorado Muzzleloader Elk Season:

  • September 14 - September 22
  • Hunt Code:
    • E-E-006-O1-M (Will take residents 2-3 points to draw, will take non-residents 4-6 points to draw - Landowner Permits are NOT available in our units)

How to get your Colorado Elk Tag

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