Guided Black Bear Hunts in Colorado

Guided Black Bear Hunts in Colorado

Colorado Bear Hunts

Colorado Black Bear Hunting

GMU's (Game Management Units) - 6/16/17/171

Our bear hunts are offered as a combo Elk/Bear hunt only! We DO NOT offer Bear Hunts on their own, we can not use bait or dogs in Colorado, so it is much more effective to offer our Elk Clients who would like a combo hunt our bear hunt slots.

We will harvest any bear on our ranch, however, we target mature boars with weights up to 550 LBS or in some cases larger, the average weight of a harvested bear on our ranches is around 300 LBS, we also have a lot of color phase bears, reddish coats seems to be the most prevalent.

Licenses are by draw, however you can purchase as a CAPS license with a rifle or archery elk. The draw tags are a "0" Point Draw, meaning you will 100% draw the tag if you book an elk hunt with us and would like to upgrade to the Elk/Bear Combo hunt. In some cases, you can have up-to 2 bear tags in our units as well as our population is above what CPW and their Biologists would like to see in our area.

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Colorado Bear Season Dates

Bear Archery

  • September 2 - September 30

Bear Muzzleloader

  • September 14 - September 22

Bear September Rifle

  • September 2 - September 30

Bear Concurrent Rifle (Over the counter with caps)

  • October 12 - November 24


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