About Ivory & Antler Outfitters

About Ivory & Antler Outfitters

Colorado Big Game Hunting Outfitter

Our Mission

Provide a Life Long Memory at an Affordable Price.

In today’s environment, we know how much a hunting trip can cost, and unless you have previously built a relationship with an outfitter… well, we have all heard the stories of questionable outfitters who do not understand how much your time and investment are worth. The fact is, without the time you need to visit all the places you would like to go, you run the risk of spending a lot of hard earned cash and precious time on a hunt or vacation in which you end up feeling less than satisfied. At Ivory & Antler Outfitters, we understand as we have had those experiences ourselves, and we understand how important it is for our clients to have the very best experience at a truly affordable price!

Reasonable pricing does not mean that we compromise on quality. To the contrary, our primary focus is on giving our clients a high-quality experience. The memories created from just one visit to a place as steeped in hunting traditions as it is in hospitality will leave you wanting to come back and visit again and again. Although we offer mostly hunting adventures, we also offer a vacation retreat in the Rocky Mountains. If you like to hike, fish, snowmobile, cross country ski, or are just looking for a quiet place with a touch of the old west, contact us to talk about a great place to spend a quiet week with nature re-discovering the west that the settlers found as they moved into this region of Colorado.

The Founder

Tony Cesario

Tony grew up in Pueblo Colorado, as a child he spent countless days chasing game on the plains and in the hills of the Colorado backcountry, but his destiny was to take him away from what he knew  as he was to become an All American Tackle for the Colorado State University Rams, then onto the NFL where he played for four years.

Tony returned to Colorado after retiring from the NFL and he and two friends started what one day would become Ivory & Antler Outfitters. In 2010 while guiding friends on an archery elk hunt, Tony passed from Cardiac Sarcoidosis, a very rare disease for which there is no diagnosis or cure, The Cesario 72 Foundation was established to give back to several causes which Tony greatly cared about.

As much as we miss our friend and his passion for life and the great outdoors, his memory lives on in Ivory & Antler Outfitters and he lives on with every client we book and take to the places he loved so much! Tony was the heart and soul of our operation, without his passion for what he loved so much, there would be no Ivory & Antler Outfitters today. 

Owner/Lead Guide

Earl Oesterling

Earl grew up in the timber lands of the Upper Midwest, as a child he spent countless days learning the ways of thick cedar swamps and oak/maple forests that seemed to go on forever. Hunting was in his blood, but his destiny was to take him away from what he knew as he graduated college and moved to Southern California as a trainee for Toyota Motor Sales. Earl spent 17 years building his professional career but he never forgot his true passion, while he lived in several major cities on the East Coast and Mountain West, he was afforded a chance to book hunts all over North America, and no matter what city he lived in, he could be found on some obscure wood lot or back country mountain pass chasing his true dreams.

Earl and Tony met on cold February morning in Northeast Colorado on a company sponsored waterfowl hunt they became instant friends. The next 2 ½ years found them hunting Turkeys, Whitetails, and Elk all over Colorado, they forged the kind of special friendship that lasts forever.

After Tony’s passing, Earl resigned from Toyota Motor Sales and moved back to Colorado to take the dream that Tony started, and continue it in his memory. Today that dream has become a thriving business, we know Tony would be proud!

Earl has a great passion for the outdoors, a great business mind, and the experience he has taken from booking over 17 years of his own paid outfitter hunts, he is able to combine all of this and lead his awesome team of guides, cooks, marketing peers, and close friends to bring you an experience that you will not soon forget!

Ivory & Antler Outfitters is not just another outfitting company; conservation, being stewards of the land, a deep appreciation for the animals they hunt, and ensuring each and every client has the experience of a lifetime are the corner stones of why we have evolved into a company you can trust your outdoor adventure to, your in very capable hands when you book one of the awesome Ivory & Antler Outfitter adventures! 

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