Colorado Antelope Hunting Outfitters - Guided Hunts

Colorado Antelope Hunting Outfitters - Guided Hunts

Guided Antelope Hunts CO

Antelope Hunts in Colorado

You will have the opportunity to hunt several private ranches (42,000 acres), we hunt our Pronghorn with spot and stalk tactics and strategically placed Pop-Up Ground Blinds over waterholes and stock tanks.

We enjoy a 100% Opportunity rate, with an average score of 78", we target mature bucks and bucks scoring 80". Jackson county boasts a large herd of Pronghorn, most of which migrate to lower elevations in Wyoming to escape the brutal winters that come to North Park every year. 

Tags in our units are very tough to draw, in 2018 it took 16 points for both a Resident and Non-Resident to draw a license, but there are a limited number of landowner vouchers available to us, and due to the very limited draw in these units, there are some giant Bucks that inhabit the area! A large percentage of B&C and P&Y entries come from our units every year. 

In order to have us apply for a landowner voucher, we require a hunt deposit of 50% of the hunt cost. On most years we can draw both archery, muzzle-loader, and rifle vouchers.  

We only take up to 4 clients/year so make sure to book early, you WILL enjoy this hunt very much, so call us today to book!

This is also a great hunt to combo with our August/September Elk Hunts, hunt wapiti in the morning and afternoon, and pronghorn in the middle of the day...who needs a nap when you can have a full on adrenaline rush all day!!!!

Pronghorn Hunts Colorado

Private Ranch Antelope Hunts

GMU's (Game Management Units) - 6/16/17/171

You will have the opportunity to hunt several private ranches (42,000 acres) Tags in our units are very tough to draw, but there are a limited number of landowner vouchers available for the area, and due to the very limited draw in these units, there are some giant bucks that inhabit the area. We do spot and stalk when possible, or offer ground blinds over water holes. This is a perfect option for a combo elk/pronghorn hunt and is perfect those early season elk hunters if they want to hunt elk in the mornings and evenings and hunt pronghorn in the middle of the day and early afternoon.

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Colorado Antelope Season

2024 Antelope Season Dates

Archery Antelope (Draw Only)

  • August 15 - September 20
  • Hunt Code: Buck A-M-006-O1-A

      Muzzleloader Antelope (Draw Only)

      • September 21 - September 29
      • Hunt Code: Buck A-M-006-O1-M

        Rifle Antelope (Draw Only)

        • October 5 - October 13
        • Hunt Code: Buck A-M-016-O1-R

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          Common Questions About Colorado Pronghorn Hunts

          What gear do I need to bring for a Colorado Antelope hunt?

          You will need to bring your weapon of choice, hunting cloths & boots, pack, binoculars, range finder, and camp cloths. All towels and sleeping gear is provided at the ranch, along with a fully stocked kitchen where our cook provides hearty meals. You may want to bring cooler’s or a freezer to get your meat home.

          Will I be hunting private of public land on my Pronghorn hunt?

          We primarily hunt private land on antelope hunts. We have access to over 50,000 acres of privately managed ground along with access to thousands of acres of National Forest and BLM lands under special usage permit allowing us to guide clients in a variety of habitat, terrain, and elevation. 95% of our elk hunting takes place on our private leases.

          Do you charge any Trophy Fees on pronghorn hunts?

          No, the price of the hunt applies if you harvest a 70” buck or a 84” buck.

          How big of an antelope can I expect to harvest?

          We harvest bucks that are a good representation of what Colorado has to offer. Archery season we target bucks scoring from 75” up to 84”, during rifle we target bucks scoring from 80” – 84”.

          How much does a Pronghorn Hunt in Colorado cost?

          5 Day Fully Guided Hunt cost: $4,500 (Rifle), $3,500 (Archery)

          What is included in the price of the antelope hunt?

          Meals, lodging, guide fees, incredible views, and an awesome experience are all included in the price of the hunt.

          What is NOT included in the price of the pronghorn hunt?

          • Hunting license & tag
          • Game processing (we will gut and skin your elk and prepare it for processing)
          • Taxidermy
          • Alcohol
          • Guide/Cook
          • Tips (Recommend a minimum of 10% to guide, and $100/hunter or guest to cook)
          • Transportation to our lodge from your home (Once you are at the lodge, we transport clients to the daily hunting spots)

          How many clients per each guide?

          Our antelope hunts are 1 x 1 guided.

          How do I get a license & tag to hunt Pronghorns in Colorado?

          All Pronghorn licenses are by draw. Archery can take 1-3 points to draw, while rifle will take 17 – 20 points to draw. We do have availability of landowner vouchers so you would not need to draw. We do require your 50% deposit in order to apply for the landowner voucher for clients. If we do not draw, we will move your hunt to the following year or refund the deposit if requested.

          Do you help take care of my animal after it’s down?

          Yes, our guides will gut the animal in the field. It will then be loaded up on our ranch equipment and taken to our skinning shed to be hung, skinned, and caped if applicable. We will also pull the ivory’s and clean them up so you can take them home with you. We will then help transport to our preferred partner processor in Walden CO, around 20 miles north of our lodge. If you are taking it home to have it processed, we will help quarter and pack your meat in your coolers or freezers.

          Do you have a list of references I can talk to who have hunted with you before?

          Yes, we will provide references upon request, and you can check out client reviews on our website home page. Scroll down to the bottom to find the reviews, and you can check out more reviews on our Facebook or Yelp pages as well.

          What if I book a hunt and then need to cancel my pronghorn hunt?

          We understand that life sometimes interrupts your plans. Because of our hunt schedule and Colorado’s license system, we most likely will not be able to move you to another date in the same year, however we do allow you to move your hunt to the following year provided that we are notified at least 60 days prior to your hunt start date, anything with-in 60 days of your hunt start date will not allow for any refunds or change in schedule. Cancellations are not allowed.

          Do you offer any discounted pricing for youth hunters on antelope hunts?

          No, we work just as hard for a youth hunter as we do for any other clients on antelope hunts, therefore we do not offer any youth hunt pricing breaks.

          Do you offer ay discounts for more than 1 hunter in a group?

          No, with our 1:1 client to guide ratio, we are set up to handle client who come in by themselves or with groups.

          What is the closest airport to your ranch?

          Denver International airport is 120 miles from our ranch. You can rent a car at the airport and drive to our ranch (drive time is approx. 3 hours) You can also fly into Cheyenne Wyoming or Steamboat Springs to shorten your drive by around 1-2 hours. If you have your own plane, you can land in Walden Colorado and we can pick you up! We DO NOT do pick-ups at any other airport.

          What Game Management Units do you guide in?

          GMU 6,16, 17, and 171

          How physically demanding are your hunts?

          Moderate. Our hunts are not easy, but they are not hard either. What makes our ranches more difficult, it the elevation of 8,600 – 10,000 feet. Its not steep country, it’s more rolling hills with every habitat the west has to offer. Physically that can be an adjustment from sea level or lower elevations. Clients hunt open sage flats or waterhole blinds set up where the goats like to drink. Blind hunting can be long, hot & dry days, so a good book or a full cell phone battery is important to get you through the long days.

          What kind of weather can I expect on my hunt?

          The Rocky Mountains have some of the most torrent weather in North America, it could be 20 degrees in the morning, 70 degrees during the day, and drop to sub-freezing in the afternoon if a storm blows in. One thing is for sure, clients should be prepared for all seasons in one day!

          What kind of success rate to your clients see on antelope hunts in Colorado?

          99% Success Rate. We have had 1 client in the last 9 years who did not have an opportunity at a good buck.

          Do you charge guest fees for non-hunters?

          Guest’s are allowed and there is a fee, but guests are only allowed if we have room at the lodge. Our priority is the hunting clients, then if room we allow guests at a rate of: $975 (3 Days) $1,625 (5 Days) $1,950 (6 Days) $2,275 (7 Days)


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