Update on Colorado Forced Wolf Introduction

Update on Colorado Forced Wolf Introduction

Update on Colorado Forced Wolf Introduction

January 15, 2020 by

It's official, Colorado will vote in November on initiative 107 - Forced Colorado Wolf Introduction 

It's official, Colorado will vote in November on initiative 107. This radical initiative will allow the "INTRODUCTION" of Canada Grey Wolves into western Colorado. Over $1 Million Dollars of out of state money was poured into Colorado to obtain the necessary signatures to get 107 on the ballet this November. This money is coming from animal right activists and the anti-hunting community as they align with the current political regime in control here in Colorado.

There are also rumors that between 5 and 20 animal rights bills will be proposed and signed into legislation in Colorado in 2020. We do not know what these bills will say, but its doubtful they will be in the name of conservation, it is more likely they will be tilted towards the agenda of animal rights activists and the anti-hunting community. 

If this scares you, it should!

Wolves have already Established a presence in Colorado

We have seen and herd wolves on our ranches in Northern Colorado, these wolves are naturally migrating into Colorado from Wyoming and the important thing to note is that Colorado Parks & Wildlife DOES have a plan to deal with this migration taking place. The plan is not effective if initiative 107 allows a introduction of a large number of wolves at one time.The article below is relevant as a clause in the Endangered Species Act states that a forced introduction of any species can not take place if there is an established population of that species which already exists. This may help us stop the introduction even if passed by the voters in Denver and Boulder.


Some of you may be saying why not allow a forced wolf introduction to take place in Colorado, below are links to a couple of video's that explain why this is such a bad idea:


How can you help?
Get involved!  Please help us by sharing the links below, signing the petitions, and donating funds to help us fight! We need everyone's help now! 

Sign the Petition to Remove the "Wolf Introduction" from the fall ballot by clicking either of the links below or using your Facebook Account to find this petition:



Join and Donate to "Stop the Wolf Coalition"


We can not stress how important it is that every sportsman get involved now, events in Colorado will affect other states, please help today!

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