Say Good buy to the Drought!

Say Good buy to the Drought!

Say Good buy to the Drought!

June 4, 2019 by

As you may know, Colorado has been in a pretty severe drought for the last several years, 2018 was the worst we have ever seen it, trying to hunt elk in August/September with not 1, but 2 major wildfires burning with-in 40 miles of the high country leases was difficult to bear. Depending on the wind, we could not hunt certain parts of the ranches due to thick smoke and falling ash, it was ridiculous!  The funny thing, it did not deter the elk as life went on for them, we heard (could not see due to thick smoke) bulls bugling and chasing cows in the thick of it, I guess they did not get the memo to move to better parts of the ranches we lease!

Fast forward to February 2019, and what a difference a couple months make, we experienced incredible snows in February that have continued into late May, but the awesome thing is the storms came at perfect times, allowing enough time and wind to keep the winter grounds free from deep snow giving elk, deer, and pronghorn room to wait out the winter with plenty of groceries. Following the snow are the spring rains we are receiving, its as green as we have ever seen and the herds of critters in the high country and out on the Eastern Plains are looking to be in incredible shape. This all adds up to an incredible Spring, and with the long term forecast calling for plenty of summer and early fall rain, should make for an incredible season for our guides and clients!

We still have a few elk and deer spots available, if your interested in booking a trip of a lifetime this fall, give us a call and make your dream a reality!

Available Spots:


Archery (5 Day Hunt)

Sept 14 - Sept 18: 2 Spots Available

Cow Elk Early Rifle (3 Day Hunt)

Aug 22 - Aug 24: 2 Spots Available

Aug 27 - Aug 29: 2 Spots Available

Second Season Bull Elk Rifle (5 Day Hunt)

Oct 19 - Oct 23: 7 Spots Available

Third Season Bull Elk Rifle (3 Day Hunt)

Nov 8 - Nov 10: 3 Spots Available

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