Help Stop the Forced Colorado Wolf Introduction

Help Stop the Forced Colorado Wolf Introduction

Help Stop the Forced Colorado Wolf Introduction

July 5, 2019 by

The following information is from Denny Behrens, Co-Chair for The Colorado Stop the Wolf Collation, and Colorado State Representative for Big Game Forever. We are in the beginnings of a great battle here in Colorado, a battle in which we need everyone's help. If initiative #107 is put on the ballot and passed, our hunting future in Colorado will be very bleak, the release of any wolves into our great state, let alone 1000 wolves will spell disaster for our wild ungulate populations in a matter of years. You may think this has no impact on you or where you live, but this thinking would be a mistake, this battle is one in which ALL sportsmen are under attack. We are all short on time, but you can help with a donation to The Colorado Stop the Wolf Collation, as little as $25 will help, please read the information below, use the link to go to Colorado Stop the Wolf Collation's website and view video's they have had produced to correctly inform the public and sportsmen on this devastating initiative. You can also make your donation, WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!

"I wanted to give you an important update about our on-going fight to stop forced wolf introduction in Colorado.
Our opponents pulled their first pro-wolf Initiative (#79) and replaced it with another Initiative (#107), which is much worse. 
Now pro-wolf activists are recruiting their folks to begin collecting the signatures they need to get this radical Initiative #107 on the ballot. 
That's why we're working hard to spread the word about the real, devastating impacts that forced wolf introduction will have on our state.

We've been producing videos (see below), running ads on social media, traveling the state to speak at events like community gatherings, tribal council meetings, livestock auctions-- taking advantage of every opportunity to properly educate Colorado voters with what's at stake if this Ballot Initiative passes.

The videos, that we're running as ads on social media, are the first in a series of videos that the Stop the Wolf Coalition is producing.

We've gotten these compelling videos in front of thousands of Colorado residents, letting them see the truth about forced wolf introduction and the disaster is has been for other states and regions.

But we need to reach thousands of more voters if we are to be successful in defeating this initiative. In order to reach the Front Range voters, we must raise the funds to buy TV ads and time slots prior to the 2020 election cycle.

Can you help us mobilize more of our fellow Coloradans by  donating to Stop the Wolf Coalition today? Donate here ----> Join the fight 

You can click on the link below to go to our website and see and hear these stories, and most importantly see how you can donate:

After you see these videos please chip in $50, $100, $250 or even $500 so we can continue to share the truth with other Colorado voters

With our opponents preparing to fan out across our communities peddling their emotional half-truths and myths about wolves it's crucial we can continue to counter their message with the real truth and facts about this forced wolf introduction. 

Thank you for your much needed help. Please let me know if you will stand with us against the dangerous wolf agenda by donating today!"

Thank you,

Denny Behrens - Co-Chair
Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition

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