Colorado Wolf Update

Colorado Wolf Update

Colorado Wolf Update

July 13, 2018 by

Great news, the Feds are considering dropping wolves from legal protections across the lower 48 states. Although, they have tried this before, it looks like they have a great chance on getting this to pass this time.

We have a small pack of three wolves that have moved in just below our lodge, all the neighbors have seen them and are calling to tell us. We have not seen them yet, however while working on the ranch in late May/early June, Earl did hear one lone howl on a eerie moon-lit night while sitting by the fire pit.

While groups like the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project push to raise money to gain support to release 1,000 raised wolves in Colorado, Mother Nature is already at work, the wolves now in our area came from our neighbors to the north, we do not need them “re-introduced” by man, we need man to be prepared for a management program!

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