2019 Year End Recap/2020 Outlook

2019 Year End Recap/2020 Outlook

2019 Year End Recap/2020 Outlook

January 16, 2020 by

2019 Year End Re-Cap:

We had a very good fall, hunting was incredible at times, and very tough at times, but that is hunting! The following are the numbers from 2019:

Cow Elk: 26 (93% Success)
Bull Elk: 29 (78% Success)
Mule Deer: 1(100% Success)
Whitetail Deer: 3 (100% Success)
Moose: 4 (100% Success)
Pronghorn: 2 (100% Success)

We dealt with 5 wounded animals, down from 16 in 2018, so thank you to all our clients for being prepared for your hunt, that really does make a HUGE difference. Of the 5 wounds (all on elk) we recovered 4 of those animals, so only 1 lost.

We still had a high number of missed opportunities (18); A missed opportunity is defined as having a animal in shooting range but the client either passes on the shot, or can not get the shot off. Missed opportunities can happen for any number of reasons, but its important to note that booking a trip with an outfitter is no guarantee you will harvest an animal, it's more of a experience, and being close enough to get a shot but getting the shot is also worth the price of admission. A great experience means you make new friends, get to get away from the world which is constantly stressing us out, and getting back to our connection with nature. As outfitters, we can not control things like weather or elk movement due to weather, but we can control working as hard as we can to ensure you have a good experience!

2020 Outlook:
Were seeing great early winter snows in the high country and out on the plains. This early snow is wonderful as it helps saturate the ground so come spring it allows for early growth of Forbes and Grasses providing much needed feed for wintering ungulates. This also leads to great feed for calves and fawns giving them much needed nutrients early in their life through their mom's milk. Of course, it helps getting antler growth off to a super start, so provided we received good early and late summer moisture, it leads to an incredible fall for all of our clients. So far, so good!

We are booking up fast, but we still have several elk spots open for archery and rifle both cow and bull. We also have 1 spot left for our eastern plains Trophy Mule Deer Hunt, if you have 4 preference points, you can draw the license, you would be hunting the back side of the December late rifle season looking for a buck with a minimum score of 185 and a solid chance at a 200" monster! 

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