Summer Projects

Summer Projects

Summer Projects

July 13, 2018 by

Summer is here, and it's hot and dry here in Colorado, I am sure you have all herd there are several wildfires burning across Colorado/Wyoming/Utah. The Beaver Creek Fire is the closest fire to our operation, and it is around 60 miles away from our main operations so there is no danger at this point of this fire effecting our operation in anyway. The good news is we have the remnants of Hurricane Bud starting to flow into Colorado and we will see between 1-2 inches of rain over the weekend, so much needed moisture is on the way!!!

We have been busy with projects up on the ranch preparing for the hunts this fall, its closer than we think, you will all be out here hunting before you know it! Plenty of elk around the ranch, even with the dry conditions, I have seen more bulls around our leases than normal, its setting up like last year so we’re excited about the opportunities this fall.

We have put up all new box blinds, I have attached a couple pictures, but they are all 5x7 fiberglass blinds, some are on the ground, some are elevated at 6 feet, with one being elevated 15'...all of you late season elk hunters / deer hunters will love these blinds, when it’s cold and snowy, you will be set up in a heated very comfortable blind from which you could have a great opportunity....but keep in mind you could be pulled from the blind to head out in the sage for a spot and stalk opportunity...I will discuss how you should be prepared for your hunt later in the summer in another email.

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